• Talent concept

    Rende - based, pioneering and innovative, not sticking to one pattern with talent.

    Talent with both political integrity and professional competence is the company's eternal pursuit, but moral principles and integrity are the primary standards of measurement.

    In the full development of the company, we open our arms, welcome to speak good faith, have ideas, potential, dare to innovate talents to join us, we will also be enthusiastic to break the rules of recruitment.


    Broad space for development.

    The company's employment principle is: know how to make good use of people, suitable to apply; Use person's advantage, tolerate person's shortage; With the best, the mediocre give way, and the mediocre give way. Fully tap the potential of each colleague and give full play to his enthusiasm and initiative; At the same time, we attach great importance to the organic combination of each employee's personality and diversity, and insist on making full use of each employee's talents, talents and wisdom to help each colleague achieve success in work.

    We do our best to help young talents grow rapidly, create various opportunities for talented and capable talents to stand out, provide a broader platform for talents with outstanding contributions, and maximize the space for talents of all types to develop and display their talents.


    A platform for achievement sharing.

    To promote the development of enterprises with the development of employees is our long-term goal. The company regards the achievement sharing as the core policy of enhancing employees' enthusiasm and maintaining employees' stability, and carries out various personalized incentive measures timely according to the individual's contribution to the company. At the same time, the bold promotion of young, potential, capable, thoughtful employees, it is the positive encouragement of these young talents, so that the company continues to be full of vitality.