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    The successful development of domestic 20 MW motor will effectively promote the development of China

    2020-08-06 12:33 Views:

    On July 25, according to a Global Times report, China Shipbuilding 704 Institute has successfully developed and confirmed that the 20 MW steam turbine generator set can be used in domestic ships.

    When many people saw this report, they thought it was no big deal. They just added a large generator to our ship? In fact, such a concept is totally wrong!

    Up to now, the carriers of the most powerful sea power countries in the world are equipped with 20 MW power generating units. Before the domestic 20 MW units were developed and manufactured, many large ships in China used 10 MW generator sets.

    This has two effect

    First, Chinese ships need to make some equipment trade-offs to install more generating sets to maintain power supply

    Second, If the number of units does not increase, then we can only give up some more advanced electrical equipment, such as electromagnetic ejection, which can be used in the actual situation

    And what kind of ship can these 20 MW motors be installed on

    In fact, for tourism enthusiasts, it is a better thing, because the research and development of the motor is bound to drive the development of China's shipbuilding industry. When we travel abroad, we have more domestic cruise ships than foreign ones

    Secondly, some state-owned important ships with large-scale applications have been equipped with such ultra-high-power generator sets, which will greatly increase the transmission efficiency, enhance the flexibility of the ships and have more sufficient power than before.

    It can even be said that we have caught up with some leading developed countries in this field.

    Moreover, the appearance of 20 MW electric machine will change the design and manufacturing standards of almost all large ships in China.

    Source: today's motor