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    YBX3 Series Explosion-proof Three Phase Induction Motor

    The motors' protection mark is ExdⅠ,Exd Ⅱ AT4 and Exd BT4. They can be used on fixed equipment which under the coal mine well with methane or coal dust (the temperature is from T1~T4), they can work on the equipments in some places which covered by flammable gas or explosive gas.


    Frame Size 63~355 Protection Class Ip55
    Power 0.12~315kW Insulation Class F
    Voltage 380V, 660V, 380V/660V Ambient Temperature -15℃~40℃ (the factory)
    -15℃~30℃ (under-colliery)
    Frequency 50Hz Altitude ≤1000m